Our Mission

Getting into Good Trouble

Provocative, Clever, and Defiant.

At REEFER MADNESS, we blend camp, irony, and anti-authoritarian elements to satirize the inherent dangers and rhetorical failings of anti-drug and moralistic propaganda. We aim to "punch up" at serious issues like systemic injustice in a way that makes you smile and feel part of a like-minded community of critical thinkers and free spirits.

  • Our ambition is to leverage the Reefer Madness brand’s legacy as a satirical critique of anti-drug hysteria into an instantly recognizable branding and retail opportunity.
  • We aim to tap into the massive total addressable cannabis market, turning this iconic brand into a valuable licensing opportunity for partners in the cannabis industry and beyond, including complementary consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories.
  • We are committed to utilizing the elements of camp, satire, and irony inherent to the Reefer Madness franchise to connect with and speak to those who passionately oppose the ongoing drug war and today’s propagandist movements that perpetuate similar harm.

Championing Industrial Hemp
In addition to challenging outdated perceptions and advocating for social justice, our mission extends to revitalizing the industrial hemp industry. We aim for a 100-fold increase in its utilization within the next decade. Hemp's remarkable environmental benefits are not limited to textiles and paper production; they also extend to sustainable alternatives in building materials and biodegradable, single-use plastics. By integrating this versatile and eco-friendly crop into our core manufacturing and packaging processes, we’re championing a greener, more sustainable future—a vision of a world where sustainable practices are not just encouraged but are the norm.

Partnering with Reefer Madness means aligning with a compelling and culturally influential brand. We provide a unique branding and retail opportunity, appealing to cannabis enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate the art, satire, and social commentary. To explore collaborations or licensing opportunities, send us a message!